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Memory Card(Micro SD)

  • i-MEM SD Memory Card

    i-MEM SD Memory Card

    General Features SDHC Standard Ideal for point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders 16GB, (1GB = 1Billionbyte) * Actual usable capacity may be less (due to formatting, operating system, applications or otherwise) SD 2.0 HS 32 x 24 x 2.1 (mm) Approx. 2g Performance Up to 24MB/s transfer speed * Actual speed may vary depending on use host device conditions and environment. * Write speed is slower than transfer speed Class 6 (SD 2.0) Environment 2.7 ~ 3.6V -40°C to -85°C -25°C to -85°C 40°C, 93%, 500 hours (storage) 10000 mating cycles



    NEW i-MEM 4GB Movie # 8 หน่วยความจำ 4GB. พร้อมภาพยนต์ภายใน เมมโมรี่ 2 เรื่อง (file .3gp) รับประกันสินค้า

  • SD Card 16GB. (Pack Toshiba)

    SD Card 16GB. (Pack Toshiba)

    Technical Specifications Available Density : 16 GB 32 GB Connector Pins : 9 pin Interface : SD Memory Card standard compatible Speed Class : 10 Write Speed : 30 MB/s ** Read Speed : 30 MB/s ** Dimensions : 15 mm (L) x 11 mm (W) x 1.0 mm (H) Weight : approx 0.4 g Operating Temperature : -25°C to +55°C (Recommended) Storage Temperature : -20°C to +65°C (Recommended) Operational and : 30% to 85% (No Condensation) Storage Humidity •30MB/s Ultra High Speed micro SDXC™ •This microSDXC™ card is perfect to use in mobile devices where a high Read Speed and a high Capacity is needed. •Shoot, film and store more with up to 64GB! •Expand the storage ability of your tablet and mobile phone and increase capacity to store your favorite Full HD videos, photographs and apps. •Dimensions •The Toshiba microSD™ cards has the dimensions of 15 mm (L) x 11 mm (W) x 1.0 mm (H) and can be therefore built-in in your device without any problems. •Best Compatibility with Adapter •The Toshiba High Speed Professional microSD™ card series includes a convenient SD card adapter. This allows you to capture and access data on the card with any device with an SD card slot – in your camera, camcorder, tablet or laptop. •Reliability •Toshiba’s SD cards are based on non-volatile memory components and have no moving parts that could wear or break. •5 Year Warranty •Engineered to Toshiba’s famously high quality standards, the Toshiba SD Memory Cards are backed by a solid five-year limited standard warranty.

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